Lucas Anderson

In my role as a marketing technology leader, my passion is applying digital technology to marketing challenges that all businesses face. As a marketing technologist I am a bridge between IT and Marketing - a technologically savvy professional with a deep understanding of marketing platforms, data, and analytics - coupled with the creative mindset to transition raw data into actionable insights and compelling campaigns.

What I Do

Marketing Technology

My passion is implementing marketing technology and the many platforms and data systems that encompass it. From conception to enablement - I live and breathe bringing data and marketing together.

Web Development

With a strong developer background, I continue to hone my technical side by maintaining web sites and modifying content management systems using responsive design, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, and APIs.

Marketing Automation

One of my greatest areas of expertise is creating captivating customer journeys across multiple channels and touch points by bringing complex data structures and marketing automation platforms together.

Agile Management

I am experienced in managing the Agile development processes, including writing and grooming user stories, JIRA board administration, and running scrum meetings with developers and other team members.

User Experience

Frequently testing and optimizing the experience that users have across multiple digital channels, devices, and journeys is one critical factor that I am extremely passionate about and experienced in.

Analytics Engineering

With an excellent understanding of data analysis, I am also certified in Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics which allows me to enable measurement and attribution across many digital channels.

Search Engine Optimization

An ever-changing, ever-important factor for successful digital strategy - search engine optimization is at the core of my skill set. I am always embedding its principles into development and content strategy.

Accessibility Review

One passion of mine is ensuring that digital properties and functionality are available to every user, regardless of disability or limitations. I have experience with tools and resources to make this possible.

Omni-Channel Strategy

Helping brands explore omni-channel opportunities by developing and enhancing strategy for a consistent presence across their web, mobile, social and email properties is one of my most utilized skills.

Design & Branding

One additional skill that I have developed during my career is graphic design and image manipulation. Another area that I excel in is brand consistency - creating and adhering to brand style guides and tone.

Project & Team Management

My many leadership roles include leading teams and departments through cross-functional project management - bringing people together from many areas to work on complex projects.

Quality Assurance

It is my belief that ensuring quality in all aspects of digital marketing efforts should be part of every role that touches them. This is a concept that I follow and expect that my team will as well.

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Fun Facts About Me

Actual Firefighter

When not putting out fires in a professional setting, I am an active on-call firefighter for my city and come packaged with life-saving skills as a certified First Responder.

A+ Communicator

Effective communication to all levels of business is something I excel at, and translating business needs into actionable technical requirements is one of my core talents.

Leadership Style

My leadership style is servant leadership, focused on lifting up my team and putting the success of others before myself. My personality style is influential and steady.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles in my work and life are calm action, patience, understanding, only making new mistakes, serving others before yourself, and constantly learning.

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